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Both studios offer classes for children, teens and adults.




Introductory ballet for boys & girls

Graded Curriculum

Ages 3–7: Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Combination Ballet/Tap and Elementary Ballet/Jazz

Ages 7 and up: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-hop and Contemporary

Intermediate/Advanced: Mentor Program and Competitive Companies

Open Curriculum: Teens & Adults

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Progressions and Conditioning


The Littles

Ages 2–8


Learning how to learn dance, explore rhythmic and motor skills (5:1 class ratio)

Creative Movement

Movement preparation for ballet training, including basic motor skills taught through imaginative activities (age 3)


Similar to Creative Movement with an introduction to basic ballet skills (age 4)


Combination Classes

Age-appropriate ballet, with introduction of tap or jazz

  • Ballet/Tap (ages 5–8)

  • Ballet/Jazz (ages 7–8)

The Middles

Ages 7–11

Elementary Ballet

with tap and jazz  


Extended class time for more in depth training of basic ballet and tap skills with opportunity to explore benefits of jazz style

Beginning Ballet Older


Introductory class with classical focus for more mature student wanting accelerated training of basic ballet skills (7-12 yrs old)

Ballet I–III

Continuing progression of ballet skills necessary for intermediate dance studies. More serious study beginning in Levels IA/IB via twice-weekly classes (ages 8–11)



Awareness of full body function through cross-training methods 

benefiting dance



Readiness class emphasizing necessary technique for future pointe study, must be recommended by teacher


Fun dance style that relies heavily on originality and improvisation to jazz music, using bold, dramatic movements and rhythmic patterns (ages 7 and up)




Introductory level for ballet based creative, expressive style with elements of ballet, modern, lyrical and jazz



Upbeat, fast-paced form develops coordination and rhythm 



Energetic style features fast, hard-hitting movement: popping, locking, krumping, breaking and tricks

(ages 7 and up)


Intermediate & Advanced

Based on proficiency 

Ballet IV–VI




Pointe and Variations

Jazz IV-VI

Advanced Tap

Advanced Contemporary



Fast-paced class for upper levels, emphasizing quick retention of various styles and performance quality needed for professional work

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