Aesop said a man is known by the company he keeps. So are the students of Houston Academy of Dance and West University Dance Centre, and the company is impressive. 


Pardon us if we brag a bit, but we are proud of the work our dancers have done over the past year. They’ve dedicated themselves to the process, and the product shows it.


American Ballet Competition-International Ballet Competition

  • 2 Attended Finals in Tampa Florida



  • International Ballet Academy 

  • Sarasota Ballet

  • Idaho Ballet 

  • Richmond Ballet 

  • Oklahoma Ballet


Youth America Grand Prix

  • 4 in top 24 Contemporary

  • 3 in top 24 Ballet

  • 3 Duet/Trio in top 12



  • Next Generation


Universal Ballet Competition

  • 10 Contemporary Solos invited to finals

  • 5 Classical Solos invited to finals 

  • 3 Duet/Trios invited to finals 



  • Jeffery Ballet


Summer Study 

  • Alvin Ailey 

  • American Ballet Theatre

  • International Ballet Academy

  • Next Generation

  • Naples Ballet 

  • Austin Ballet

  • Sarasota Ballet

  • North Carolina School of the Arts