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West U



Founded in 2005, we offer an enriching and artistic opportunity to dancers that desire to supplement their training with challenging dance experiences including conventions, choreography and competitive performing.


Auditions for the company take place in May and in August dancers begin their season with the annual Choreography Workshop.


Throughout the fall, rehearsals continue along with attendance at several conventions to study with master teachers from NY, LA and other top dance cities.


The West University Performing Company attends five competitive events annually, such as: JUMP, MOVE, Dance Showcase USA, L.A. Dance Magic, and Stage One. The company is proud to achieve High Gold and Platinum levels, along with Best Choreography and Most Entertaining Awards.


Company members continue to show their talent by winning convention, summer intensive, and dance training scholarships from the leading organizations in the industry.

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  • Trained under Evelyn Ireton at WUDC and Episcopal High School, and under Kenneth Epting as member of Exclamation Dance Company 

  • Member of the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company for three years

  • Graduated summa cum laude with bachelor of business administration and minor in art history from University of Houston Honors College

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