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Houston Academy of Dance

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West University Dance Centre

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You might know

where you want to be.

We see you there.

Confidence, discipline, poise, friendship,

knowledge and a sense of achievement.


At Houston Academy of Dance

and West University Dance Centre,

these benefits are gained by taking dance for fun,

school activities, exercise or for professional preparation.


Process to Performance

Come dance with us


Dance evolution: A fusion of influences

Here are the melting pots of dance, original American genres where the process itself is often performance worthy. Subtle or explosive footwork and deceptive body control showcase the artist as athlete, cool as a zoot suit or hard as a saxophone in the subway.

Honing the now, honoring the past

Proper conditioning – core training, strength, flexibility and turnout – is at the heart of our process, making excellence possible; while respect for historically significant dances and noted choreographers brings the classics forward for new generations.


Ballet, not just a dance genre: It is foundational


Beginners learn the process: foot positioning, posture, hand placement, and how to conduct themselves in the studio and on stage. Dancers develop over time, perfecting control and technique, becoming performers that inspire and dare the imagination.

Expression takes many shapes

Jazz and Contemporary forms ask dancers to interpret music with high energy or powerful expression. They speak with wordless insistence, blending process and performance until the dancer becomes the physical, moving manifestation of tone and feeling. 

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